Parenting Special Siblings: The Fundamentals of Parenting the Siblings of Children With Special Needs (TRIBE PARENTING)

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Do you have a child with special needs and want to learn to balance between his/her needs & the needs of your other children?

This course is for you if you…

  • Worry about the emotional wellbeing of your child due to their sibling’s condition
  • Face challenges in managing conflicts & building healthy relationships between your children
  • Feel guilty that your child’s condition takes up all your energy & time and you can’t equally take care of your other children
  • Struggle to address feelings of guilt, resentment or jealousy between your children
  • Feel limited in your ability to support & guide your child through the unique challenges they face due to their sibling’s condition

2300 EGP (10% discount for Kollena)
1 hour
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